Surprising visit by Chris and Valerie

My wife and I were very happy with the visit by Chris and Valerie from Ottawa – Canada. Chris Perram is a Grandson of Josephine Naeyaert (○1913 † 1985), the youngest sister of the well-known war rebel Arthur Naeyaert. After the Great War Josephine stayed in the orphanage in the Bruggestraat in Torhout. In 1926, when Josephine was only 13 year old, she took the boat from Antwerp to Canada on here own.

Josephine married the 20-year-older war aviator Walter Perram (○ 1893 † 1955 / see  blog page War story) in 1939 in Montreal. They had 3 children: Stewart Perram (○ 1940) and the twin Pamela and Penelope (○ 1943). Chris Perram (○ 1965) is Stewart’s third son.

Chris (CEO at File Facets Corp) and Valerie Gierman were on business trip in Europe (Frankfurt) and took this opportunity to meet us in Torhout, the birthplace of his grandmother. The picture with Chris and Valerie was taken under the window of the Town Hall of Torhout where Arthur escaped from German Hands on Monday April 17, 1916.

In 2012 my wife Gill discovered the Perram-Naeyaert family by Facebook with a posted photo of Alex Perram (son of Chris) with his grandfather Stewart. My wife, Gilberte Coudenys, is a second degree cousin of Stewart Perram. Stew’s grandmother Idalia Vandierendonck and Gill’s grandmother Maria Vandierendonck were sisters.


Arthur, the War rebel


Orphanage – Bruggestraat – Torhout

A3_Josephine_ Naeyaert_14years

Josephine Naeyaert 14 years old


Walter Perram, aviator WWI






Facebook posted photo: Stewart and Alex Perram

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